What is The Antique and Vintage Show?

The main goal is to provide buyers with a quality show authentic antiques and Vintage items, and a place for trusted dealers to sell their goods. THIS IS LIKE A REAL SHOW BUT VIRTUAL! We emphasize quality items. No reproductions, fake, repainted, or broken items will be accepted. The admins will vet each item.

  • No repros
  • No copies
  • Original or old paint
  • Vintage up to 1970
  • Folk art up to 1980
  • No firearms, racist or sexual items

How will it work?

The Antique & Vintage Show will be held on a website. You will be able to select your plan (between 10 and 30 items) two weeks prior to the event by accessing the platform with a link sent to you by email. You will then be able to access the platform and start your booth by using your email and password.

The show will begin when the electronic clock on the home page is replaced by “ENTER THE SHOW HERE”.  It will run non-stop until the show closes. Prior to opening, no items will be visible to buyers, and at the end of the show all items will disappear. You manage your own sales and your items. Buyers can contact you directly, by email, messages, or phone, to arrange a purchase. And yes, the platform allows for you to easily share your booth or items on social media.

How to REGISTER To be a dealer?

Spaces are limited for me to provide good support to the dealers. Contact me to let me know you are interested in participating. Once accepted, we will send you the registration link to select you plan and register 2 weeks before the event.


Cell: 514-865-6645           

Facebook messenger:


Think about how many items you want to present. After selecting your plan, you can pay it directly on the platform with a credit card or E-Transfer. It’s simple. Once paid, you can start creating your booth.

10 ITEMS PLAN = 125$ (Total cost per item: $12,50)

15 ITEMS PLAN = 175$ (Total cost per item: $11,66)

20 ITEMS PLAN = 225$ (Total cost per item: $11,25)

25 ITEMS PLAN = 275$ (Total cost per item: $11,00)

30 ITEMS PLAN = 325$ (Total cost per item: $10,83)

*No commission on sales will be collected


Two weeks before the event, once your plan is selected, you will have access to your Booth/shop and may continue to edit your listings up until, and after, the show opens. Your booth will be unique; with your booth/collage photo, your bio, your contact information, and your own shipping/return policies. Adding items and managing your booth is simple, but just in case, WE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO HELP IF NEED BE!

What will I need to create my booth?

Apart from essentials like having a computer, and being available during show hours, I will provide a detailed list of what you will need to be ready to start creating your booth and examples for you to refer to:

Here is an idea of what you will need so you can start preparing:

  • Create a quality collage photo or a booth photo.
  • Take good photos of all items (no limit on amount permitted)
  • Write a good description of all items.
  • Provide prices in Canadian dollars (US prices will automatically be provided)
  • Write your Policies
  • Write a small Bio/Shop description
  • Determine your form of payment accepted
  • If you have Hyperlinks, have them ready to copy (Business website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

What you need to know about being part of the show

  • Offer shipping of most items to Canada and the United States
  • Have quality items
  • Have completed your booth no later then 48 hours before the sale (for vetting and verification purposes)
  • A week prior the event, provide 10 photos for promotional purposes (teasers)
  • Be a supportive dealer by promoting the show with us.
  • No selling prior to the show, all items must be available at show opening.


Promotion is key! As promoters, we will emphasize on ways to drive potential buyers to the virtual show. Large mailing list, Facebook groups, Instagram, and magazines. As experienced virtual show promoters, we know how to create efficient teasers. Virtual shows are fun, and customers love them. We also have a tremendous amount of support from the Facebook antique community!

Join the Facebook Group Antique & Vintage and be part of this amazing community! Stronger together!